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Kabukiza TheatreMay 31 ,2022

Notice about the Kabukiza Theatre's auditorium seats from August 2022

Thank you for supporting the Kabukiza Theatre and our theatre productions.
Since the resumption of theatre operations in August, 2020, we have been implementing strict measures to prevent infection.

As a result of keen examination, continuing the theatre's Covid countermeasures, the Kabukiza Theatre has decided to change the format of the auditorium seats from August 2022, as below:

All sections of the auditorium excluding the seats beside the 'hanamichi' (a passageway that runs through the left-hand side of the auditorium), will be available. Please check here for the seating chart.
*However, the 'Single Act Seats' on the 4th level of the auditorium will remain unavailable.

Temperature measurements and hand sanitizing will be carried out as usual for admissions to the theatre. Please check here for more of the theatre's countermeasures.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a safe environment inside the theatre.