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Overseas PerformanceSeptember 28 ,2018

Report of the Shochiku Grand Kabuki in Paris

The Shochiku Grand Kabuki tour at the Théâtre national de Chaillot in Paris came to an end on September 19th.

The tickets were sold out for every performance, and more than 500 visitors gathered at the lecture on how to enjoy Kabuki given by Noma Ippei (Shochiku Co., Ltd.), Fujima Kanjūrō (Choreographer) and Tanaka Denzaemon (Head of the Narimono Musicians) the day before the premiere.

The opening day started with Kabuki's traditional custom of 'the first drum' to announce that the performances would start soon and to pray for the performances' success. This took place at the entrance of the Théâtre national de Chaillot in celebration of 'Japonismes 2018'.

Led by the theatre Director Didier Deschamps, His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince entered the theatre to watch the performance together with Ando Hiroyasu (the President of the Japan Foundation).

A lighting ceremony was also held during the intermission on opening day as part of the official 'Japonismes 2018' event. His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince pressed the button to start the Eiffel Tower Special Light-up representing the diverse beauty in Japanese culture.

Please feel a sense of the atmosphere in Paris by watching the movie.