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Kabukiza TheatreAugust 19 ,2021

(Updated)Notification of the absence and cast replacements of Ichikawa Ennosuke for the August performances at the Kabukiza Theatre

Thank you for supporting our theatre productions.

It has been confirmed that Ichikawa Ennosuke and two staff members were tested positive for coronavirus after taking the PCR test.

He will be absent from Part 1 of the August program at the Kabukiza Theatre.
Cast replacement for Ichikawa Ennosuke's roles have been announced as below.

※Ichikawa Ennosuke will return for the performances from August 20th (Fri).

August at the Kabukiza Theatre (Tokyo)

From August 3rd (Tue) on
Ichikawa Ennosuke will be ABSENT.

【Cast replacement for the Part 1】

Lord of Taga
Lady Ume, the wife of Lord Taga
Datehei, a footman
Mochizuki Danjō
Yasuda Haito
Iwafuji's spirit       Substitute cast:Bandō Minosuke

Torii Matasuke       Substitute cast:Nakamura Takanosuke

Kanie Chikara       Substitute cast:Ichikawa Enshirō

Ichikawa Ennosuke's return will be announced as soon as it has been decided.

The Part 2 and the Part 3 of August performances will be held as scheduled.

We will continue to follow the precautionary measures implemented at our theatre, and look forward to your visits to our safe and secure Kabukiza Theatre. We apologize for any inconvenience caused in this matter.

Thank you for your understanding.