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Kabukiza TheatreSeptember 5 ,2021

(Updated)Notification of the resumption and cast replacements for the Part 2 September performances at the Kabukiza Theatre

Since it has been confirmed that Nakamura Kashō, Nakamura Hayato and staff members have been infected with coronavirus, the performance schedules for September 2nd - 6th at the Kabukiza Theater were cancelled.

As other performers and staff members were tested negative for the PCR test, the Part 2 of September performances will be held from September 7th.

Nakamura Kashō and Nakamura Hayato will continuously be absent from Part 2 of the September program, following Shochiku's COVID-19 measures and guidelines.

*Nakamura Kashō and Nakamura Hayato will return for the performances from the dates below.

September at the Kabukiza Theatre (Tokyo)

【Cast for Part 2】

■September 15(Wed)

Ibuki no Tōda       Nakamura Kashō

Shigaraki Tarō       Substitute cast:Nakamura Kinnosuke

■From September 16(Thu)on

Ibuki no Tōda       Nakamura Kashō

Shigaraki Tarō       Nakamura Hayato

*It will be performed by the original cast.


We will continue to follow the precautionary measures implemented at our theatre, and look forward to your visits to our safe and secure Kabukiza Theatre. We apologize for any inconvenience caused in this matter.

Thank you for your understanding.