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Kabukiza TheatreJanuary 27 ,2022

Notification of the absence and cast replacement of Nakamura Shikan for the Part 2 January performance

Nakamura Shikan will be absent from Part 2 of the January program at the Kabukiza Theatre, since he was tested positive for coronavirus after taking the PCR test.

As no other performers or staff members are considered to be at high risk, the performance for 27th will be held as scheduled.
Cast replacement for Nakamura Shikan's role has been announced as below.

January at the Kabukiza Theatre

January 27 (Thu)
Nakamura Shikan will be ABSENT.

【Cast replacement for the Part 2】
Sanbasō Substitute cast:Matsumoto Kōshirō

We will continue to follow the precautionary measures implemented at our theatre, and look forward to your visits to our safe and secure Kabukiza Theatre. We deeply apologize to all customers, and would like to ask for your kind understanding.