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Kabukiza Theatre
October 01 ,2018

Single Act Tickets : Kabukiza (Tokyo) October 2018

A kabuki program is usually made up of several different plays and dances. The usual tickets for the full program are available ONLINE but at the Kabukiza Theatre 'single act seats' are also available so that you can watch just one of the acts.

These seats are located on the 4th floor and you can watch just one act at a reasonable price. The seats are non-reserved, and may only be bought on the day of the performance. There is room for about 90 sitting, and 60 standing customers.

Tickets for each act start selling at different times and the prices differ according to the performance. The information about this month's performances is given below.

Single Act Tickets
Kabukiza Theatre (Tokyo)
October 1 (Mon) - October 25 (Thu), 2018

Matinee (11:00 AM)

Time Schedule Sales Begin Price
SANNIN KICHISA TOMOE NO SHIRANAMI 11:00 am - 11:27 am 10:30 am 700 JPY
ŌEYAMA SHUTENDŌJI 11:47 am - 12:44 pm 11:15 am 1300 JPY
SAKURA GIMINDEN 1:19 pm - 2:53 pm 12:05 pm 2000 JPY

Evening Show (4:30 PM)

Time Schedule Sales Begin Price
MIYAJIMA NO DANMARI 4:30 pm - 4:56 pm 1:30 pm 500 JPY
YOSHINOYAMA 5:16 pm - 6:06 pm 4:40 pm 1300 JPY
SUKEROKU KURUWA NO HATSU ZAKURA 6:36 pm - 8:30 pm 5:30 pm 2200 JPY
  • Payment in Japanese Yen, in CASH only
  • You can only buy tickets for consecutive plays in the same Program (Matinee/Evening).
    You cannot buy tickets for the Evening show while buying tickets for the Matinee.
  • Every purchaser must be in line. You can only buy 1 ticket per person for each play.
  • Children under the age of 6 may not be admitted to the single act seats.

Information about the Single Act Tickets System (printable version)

Each month different programs and plays will be presented at the Kabukiza Theatre. Therefore information and prices will vary for Single Act Tickets. Details for each month's Single Act Tickets will be decided by the first performance date of the month and will be announced on the website. Information will also be available at the Single Act Box Office.

Please note that due to the new Single Act tickets system and the new facilities and services, the Single Act Box Office opening time and seating procedure may change in order to facilitate the process. Changes will be announced accordingly.