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Minamiza Theatre
March 06 ,2019

The March program at the Minamiza Theatre (Kyoto) has begun!


The March program "A Special Kabuki Performance by Bandō Tamasaburō" at the Minamiza Theatre has already started and will continue until March 26th.
This month a special program featuring the legendary 'onnagata' (female role specialist) Bandō Tamasaburō is performed to commemorate the reopening of the Minamiza Theatre. In the first play he reprises one of his most successful roles. The next work is a dance play adapted from a kyogen comedy depicting the scramble for a sword between a thief and a country yokel played by Bandō Hikosaburō and Bandō Kamezō. The performance ends with a kabuki dance first performed in December 2018 at the Kabukiza. Enjoy the beautiful world created by Tamasaburō.