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June 21 ,2022

Bandō Takesaburō sadly passes away

Kabuki actor Bandō Takesaburō V sadly passed away on June 17 at a hospital in Osaka. He was 89. May his soul rest in peace.

Cast replacement will be made for his role for the July Program at the Osaka Shochikuza Theatre.
We would like to ask for your kind understanding.

In 1949, Takesaburō became a pupil of Onoe Kikujirō IV and made his stage debut, taking the name of Onoe Sasatarō. In 1959, he was promoted to the grade of 'ranking actor' and changed his name to Bandō Shinsha. He succeeded to the name Bandō Takesaburō V in 1967. Takesaburō resided in the Kansai region and displayed a great sense of presence in roles such as affectionate mothers, "kashagata" (teahouse wives), and also in newly created Shinsaku Kabuki works.

In his independent performances, Takesaburō did much to revive past works, and also devoted himself to the promotion of Kamigata Kabuki, working extensively to nurture and train the next generation of actors at the 'Shochiku Kamigata Kabuki Juku'.

His last performance was at the Minamiza Theatre (2021) in the role of Okimi, a waitress, in 'KARI NO TAYORI'.