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April 17 ,2023

Ichikawa Sadanji sadly passes away

Kabuki actor Ichikawa Sadanji Ⅳ sadly passed away on April 15. He was 82. May his soul rest in peace.

As a member of Onoe Kikugorō troupe he was a precious kabuki actor who gave depth to many kinds of performances, including 'sewamono', 'jidaimono' and 'modern kabuki'. His reputation for villain roles was well established and he exuded a special presence in roles such as Kiyohara no Takehira from 'SHIBARAKU', Ikyū from 'SUKEROKU', Seno'o no Jūrō from 'SANEMORI MONOGATARI' and Hoshikage Doemon from 'GOSHO NO GOROZŌ'.

He played a wide range of roles, from old men to female roles, from villains to humorous characters, and in particular he was praised for such parts as Kō no Moronō and Fuwa Kazuemon from 'KANADEHON CHŪSHINGURA', Tsuribune Sabu from 'NATSU MATSURI NANIWA KAGAMI', Tamanoi from 'MIGAWARI ZAZEN' and the Old Man from 'YŪGAO DANA', etc.

His last appeared at the National Theatre (2023) in the role of Rakan Sonjya, in 'TŌYAMAZAKURA TENPŌ NIKKI'.