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June 18 ,2020

The first ever online kabuki ‘Zoom Kabuki “CHŪSHINGURA”’ to be streamed on June 27th

Matsumoto Kōshirō Matsumoto Kōshirō

Shochiku will be streaming the world's first online kabuki performance 図夢歌舞伎『忠臣蔵』 'Zoom Kabuki "CHŪSHINGURA"' organised, directed and performed by Matsumoto Kōshirō, who has long been developing his ideas on creating a kabuki video work. The performance will be streamed live using the online video communication tool Zoom, but with a vivid sensory experience just like in the theatres and an enhanced feeling of unity with the actors.

This project explores the possibilities of streaming kabuki live, and in a new departure Kōshirō will be appearing in both the recorded video and live online, co-acting simultaneously on screen. Additionally, as a new way to participate in kabuki, audiences will be able to use the online chat in real time while watching the performance.

The story of 'Zoom Kabuki "CHŪSHINGURA"' is reorganized and adapted from the classic play "KANADEHON CHŪSHINGURA", which is known as one of the three great masterpieces derived from the puppet theatre. The streaming will be divided into five parts, the whole play consisting of eleven acts. Kōshirō will play Ōboshi Yuranosuke and other principle characters throughout the play.

The streaming service is limited domestically, but pictures of the performance will be uploaded afterwards. Don't miss this chance to witness the first ever live-streamed kabuki in its 400-year history!

'Zoom Kabuki "CHŪSHINGURA"'

Matsumoto Kōshirō and others...

■Streaming schedule:
First streaming ・・・June 27th (Sat) 11 AM
*a 30 minute talk show is scheduled after the first streaming

Second streaming ・・・ July 4th (Sat) 11 AM
Third streaming ・・・ July 11th (Sat) 11 AM
Fourth streaming ・・・ July 18th (Sat) 11 AM
Fifth streaming ・・・ July 25th (Sat) 11 AM
*Schedules are subject to change

■Streaming place:

4,700 YEN

*To purchase tickets for the performances on eplus Streaming+, you will need to have:
1. an eplus account
2. a mobile phone used in Japan which can receive the SMS phone verification
3. a credit card issued in Japan