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Shinbashi Enbujo Theatre
October 11 ,2017

About the performance refund for ‘Super Kabuki II ONE PIECE’ at the Shinbashi Enbujō Theatre (Tokyo)

Due to the cast replacements for the regular performance of 'Super Kabuki II ONE PIECE' at the Shinbashi Enbujō Theatre, a performance refund will be made.
Refunds will be made to customers who purchased tickets for the regular performance featuring substitute actors.
Tickets stubs will be needed, so please be sure to keep them safely after the performance. Please check below for further information.

■Customers who may receive the refund are:
Those who purchased tickets for the regular performance.
(Only applies to performances starring substitute actors.)

■Value of refund:
Box Seat: 2,000 yen
First Class Seat: 2,000 yen
Second A Class: 1,000 yen
Second B Class: 500 yen
Upper Tier A: 500 yen
Upper Tier B: 500 yen

■Closing date for the application:
November 30th, 2017
※Refunds cannot be made after this date.

■How to receive the refund:
※Refunds may not be made before the date of the purchased performance
 Please apply after the date of the performance. (On the day included.)

Please bring your tickets directly to the box office at the Shinbashi Enbujō Theatre located outside of the theatre building. The windows will be open from 10:00AM to 6:00PM. It will be appreciated if the tickets are brought by the purchaser.
※Please note that the box office will probably be crowded during performance times.
※The refund may only be made while the box office is open. (10:00 AM to 6:00PM)

・Ticket stubs will be returned after being stamped on the back.
・Refunds may only be made for tickets purchased via proper selling routes.
・Refunds cannot be made for ticket stubs which are badly damaged and cannot be recognized.
・If you purchased tickets as a group, please ask the main purchaser for information about the refund.
・Please note that full refund cannot be made.