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June Program at the minamiza

June Program at the Minamiza Theatre

Daily: Jun 12 (Wed) - Jun 26 (Wed), 2024

Performance: 2:00 PM

*No performance on the 19th (Wed).

Time Schedule

On sale: from May 09 (Thu), 2024 10:00 AM(JST)

Special Seat: 20,000 /First Class Seat: 19,000 /Second Class Seat: 9,000 /Third Class Seat: 6,000
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)

*Children over the age of 4 must purchase tickets to enter.

Minamiza Theatre (at KYOTO) Theatre Information

A special performance by the top-rated 'onnagata' female role specialist Bandō Tamasaburō will take place in June at the Minamiza Theatre in Kyoto. It begins with a Stage Announcement by Tamasaburō himself, followed by a Commentary on ''Akoya'', one of the most important roles for 'onnagata', which will be performed later. Finally, you will see ''Akoya'' from ''The War Chronicles at Dannoura'', a history play full of highlights. Please enjoy this kabuki performance in the historic city of Kyoto.

To be announced.


['Stage Announcement']

Bandō Tamasaburō

Bandō Tamasaburō will make a formal stage announcement to the audience at the Minamiza Theatre.

To be announced.

Commentary on 'Akoya'

['Commentary on 'Akoya']

Kataoka Senjirō

'Akoya' is set in the Horikawa Imperial Palace in Kyoto (the old capital of Japan). The highlights are explained and audiences are invited to enter the world of the play.

To be announced.


['Akoya’ from ‘The War Chronicles at Dannoura']

Akoya, a courtesan
Bandō Tamasaburō
Iwanaga Saemon
Kataoka Senjirō
Hanzawa Rokurō
Bandō Kōichi
Chichibu no Shōji Shigetada
Nakamura Kichinojō

The courtesan Akoya is the lover of the fugitive general Kagekiyo. She has been captured and is tortured by the wise Shigetada and the humorous villain Iwanaga in order to find out Kagekiyo’s whereabouts, which she claims not to know. Shigetada forces Akoya to play three instruments, since the slightest disturbance in the sound would indicate that she is lying. This is a showpiece for an 'onnagata' who must actually play the koto, the bowed kokyū, and the shamisen flawlessly as part of the drama.