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November 16 ,2021

Notification of the coronavirus (COVID-19) measures at the Kabukiza Theatre from 2022

Thank you for supporting the Kabukiza Theatre and our theatre productions.

We will provide a safe environment inside our theatres by taking the following measures. We ask all visitors' understanding and cooperation regarding the precautionary measures below which will be implemented at our theatres.

Requests for Customer Cooperation

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・We ask all customers to wear a mask inside the theatre. Please refrain from wearing mouth shield or face shield only.

・Customers who have a cough, a sore throat, a fever, smell and taste disorders, physical weariness are asked not to enter the theatre.

・Customers with tickets for consecutive parts are asked to leave the theatre once the previous part has ended so that the theatre can be cleaned and sanitized.

・Please refrain from talking as much as possible during performances and in the lobby.

・Please refrain from eating inside the theatre. Minimal hydration is permitted.

・Please do not wait outside for the actors' arrivals and exits from the theatre during performances.

・Shouts by members of the audience (Ō-mukō) will be prohibited.

・Please refrain from giving gifts or letters or from paying visits to cast members.

・If a customer is suspected of being infected, that customer's personal information (name and address) may be submitted to public institutions such as the Health Department. Therefore, we ask that the ticket purchaser visit the theatre in person. For customers who have not purchased their own tickets, the personal information of the actual visitor may be submitted.

・When entering the theatre, after a member of staff checks your ticket we ask that each customer tears off the ticket stub by themselves. Please leave the stub in the stub box provided.

・When visiting the theatre, we kindly ask for your cooperation in wearing a mask your hands and using the thermography and hand sanitizers near the theatre entrance.

・We recommend that customers use the 'COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA)' by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

・To reduce congestion, please keep your distance from other customers.

Measures for the Prevention of Epidemics

・Thermography will be installed at the entrance to scan the body temperature of our customers. Customers who are detected to have a high body temperature with a fever of 37.5℃ or higher will be asked not to enter the theatre.

・Hand sanitizers will be installed in theatre lobbies and restrooms, as well as surfaces that are frequently touched by customers in the theatre.

・We will put non-circulating ventilation into effect, so that the air conditioning of the auditorium will take in only fresh air and the exhaust will be taken outside of the theatre.

・All theatre staff will take their temperature every morning and wear a mask, hand gloves, face shields, etc., to prevent any infection spreading to customers.

・Tea will not be offered at the Box Seats and Single Act Seats are not for sale.

・We will temporally suspend all lending of blankets, cushions and opera glasses.

・To avoid overcrowding, theatre staffs will guide your leavings in turns.

Changes will be made to the performance schedules, the style of performance and the theatre countermeasures if new announcements including the emergency declaration are made by the government, relevant government agencies and local governments. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.