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November 16 ,2021

Notice about the Kabukiza Theatre’s operations from 2022

Thank you for supporting the Kabukiza Theatre and our theatre productions.
Since the resumption of theatre operations in August, 2020, we have been implementing strict measures to prevent infection.

Continuing the theatre's Covid countermeasures, the Kabukiza Theatre has decided to change the format of the theatre programs from January 2022, as below:

1. All sections of the auditorium will generally be sold in two-seat blocks, with every third seat vacant. Please check here for the seating chart.

2. Each month's program will consist of three parts. Between each part there will be an intermission. Customers with tickets for consecutive parts are asked to leave the theatre once the previous part has ended.

3. Please refrain from eating inside the theatre. Minimal hydration is permitted.

Temperature measurements and hand sanitizing will be carried out as usual for admissions to the theatre. Please check here for more of the theatre's countermeasures.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring a safe environment inside the theatre.