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otherJune 3 ,2022

Ichikawa Ebizō appeared for a special event marking the 10th Anniversary of TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN!

On Sunday, May 22nd, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN's opening, Ichikawa Ebizō appeared at the very top of the tower, 634 meters above ground, to perform a special kabuki pose called 'Nirami' (a cross-eyed glare), which only the Narita-ya family line is allowed to perform. For those who see this 'Nirami', it is believed that they will enjoy safety and good health throughout the coming year.

Ebizō said the following words: "I will now demonstrate the 'Nirami', a special performance (kabuki pose) of the Narita-ya family, from 634 meters above the ground. Directed to all corners of Japan, I pray for world peace, the end of Covid-19, and the prevention of all manner of difficulties which people face." 

This event was live-streamed and people who watched it on the large screen in the Sky Arena at the base of TOKYO SKYTREE applauded and cheered.