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Kabukiza Theatre
August 06 ,2020

The August program at the Kabukiza Theatre has begun!


Kabuki is being performed again after a five-month absence at the Kabukiza. For the first time, the program is divided into four parts. We have taken steps to ensure your safety with thorough countermeasures to prevent infection of the novel coronavirus so that you can feel at ease when you come to the theatre. You can expect star actors to perform energetically in four notable masterpieces. Please enjoy yourselves at the Kabukiza on a hot summer day!

Measures for the Prevention of Epidemics


When visiting the theatre, we kindly ask for your cooperation in washing your hands and using the hand sanitizers.


Seats are left vacant to the front, back, left and right of each filled seat.


All audience seats will be sterilized every day during the performance run.

For more information on our precautionary measures at the Kabukiza Theatre, please check here.