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Kabukiza Theatre
September 29 ,2023

Simplified English Audio Guides at the Kabukiza Theatre

From October 2023, the Kabukiza Theatre will resume its provision of English supporting guides.

Simplified English Audio Guide (Brief description and synopsis only)

*The Simplified English Audio Guides are only available at the Kabukiza Theatre (Tokyo).
*English caption guides (G-marc guides ) are currently not available.


■Full Show (1st-3rd level):¥1,000 (CASH ONLY)

■Single Act (4th level):¥800 (CASH ONLY)

Please note when renting for Single Acts:
*If the performance time is very short, the English Audio Guides may not be provided
*Customers with multiple Single Act Tickets can use the receiver consecutively within the same program (either Matinee or the Evening Show).

Rental and Return


Please rent the English Audio Guides after you purchase your tickets

Full Show ticket holders:  2nd basement of the Kabukiza Theatre (Near the box office)
Single Act ticket holders: 4th level Single Act reception desk

Please return the receiver to the return box near the exit, before leaving the theatre.

Free English flyer / Sold program (Detailed English synopses are found at the end of the Japanese program) are available at the theatre.