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Minamiza Theatre
May 23 ,2018

The lineup of programs at the Minamiza Theatre

After 2 years of reconstruction and renewal which began in 2016, the Minamiza Theatre (Kyoto) will reopen its doors this November.
On May 18th, the lineup of programs(November 2018 to September 2019)was announced!
As the first step in its new history, the November program will be one that commemorates the name succession of Matsumoto Hakuō, Matsumoto Kōshirō, and Ichikawa Somegorō.
Matsumoto Kōshirō attended the announcement of the lineup as the special guest. He said, "Kyoto is a wonderful place where we make the new by using the traditional." The essence of this concept is to develop kabuki for succeeding generations by capitalizing on the Minamiza's 400 year old history and tradition.
Based on this idea, the Minamiza will stage a wide range of productions throughout the year from 'traditional Japanese performing arts' to 'the newest live entertainments' aimed at audiences both at home and abroad.
As for kabuki, there will be the classics along with new challenges. For example, the traditional 'Kichirei Kaomise Performance' (December) will contrast with the brand-new production of the play 'NARUTO' (June), while the special cutting-edge performance of 'Chō-kabuki' (August) will be different from 'Hanagata kabuki' (September), and so on.

At the presentation, the original character 'Minamīna', a big lantern, was introduced! It was appointed as the advertising manager.
Please remember 'Minamīna'!