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October 10 ,2019

Cinema Kabuki “Renjishi” will be screened at Kyoto with English subtitles


"Renjishi" Story

The Kabuki Lion Dance usually features a father/son duo as two powerful lions who explore the challenging father/son relationship.
The Triple Lion Dance is extraordinary not only because it stars the legendary Kanzaburō, but also his talented sons Kankurō and Shichinosuke who shine as the younger lions, showcasing three of Japan’s most revered mythical beasts.
Look for unusual hand-held shishi masks which evolve into majestic full mane costumes.
The father lion is one of the most sought-after roles for Kabuki dancers.

What is "Cinema Kabuki"?

With gorgeous costumes, stunning makeups, and powerful dramas, Kabuki has been appreciated as the ultimate theatrical art form in Japan, which has excited its people for centuries. 'Cinema Kabuki' will bring this spectacle right before you at the cinema!


Date▶November 1 (Fri) ~ November 21 (Thu),2019
Time▶ Screenings every day from 8:00PM (Run time 55 minutes)

TICKETS: On Sale from October 18 (Fri)

Price▶1,500 yen

There are two ways to purchase tickets.
1. Purchase online:
You can book tickets on the website until 5 minutes before the movie starts.

2. Purchase at the ticket counter in "MOVIX KYOTO's North Building".


10 minutes walk from Kawaramachi Station exit 9.
10 minutes walk from Sanjo Station exit 6.
10 minutes walk from Kyotoshiyakushomae Station exit 2.

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