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December 26 ,2023

English captioning service and foreigner discount available for the New Year Asakusa Kabuki

At the Asakusa Public Hall, a kabuki program known as ‘New Year Asakusa Kabuki’ will be performed from January 2nd (Tue) and a gala selection of plays and dances featuring the most talented young stars in kabuki today will be staged.

An English captioning service will be provided for non-Japanese speakers, and foreigner
discounts are also available! Please enjoy the kabuki performance held in the midst of the festive bustle of Asakusa!

English Captioning Service

Essential translations of dialogue and lyrics, as well as explanations relating to kabuki will be provided by English captions (subtitles).

Rental fee: 1,000 yen (CASH ONLY), per performance
*Rental fees are charged for each part

The Rental counter is on the left side of the lobby of the first floor seats. (2nd floor of the Asakusa Public Hall)

Please return the receiver to the same rental counter.

*The receiver (smartphone) may be rented from 30 minutes before the start of each performance until the end of the show.

■How to use:

・English subtitles are sequentially displayed on the rented smartphone.
・No action by the customer is required.
・The service may only be used inside the auditorium of the Asakusa Public Hall.
・Please do not take the smartphone out of the rented case.

Foreigner Discount tickets

Discounts will be available for foreign travelers to Japan!

■First Class: 7,000
■Second Class: 4,500
Unit: Japanese Yen (tax included)

*Sold only at the Box Office of the Asakusa Public Hall.
*Tickets are for the same day only.
*Only for foreign travelers to Japan. Customers will need to show their passports.
*No reservations can be made for this discount.
*Credit cards can be used at the Box Office.