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November 16 ,2020

Sakata Tōjūrō IV sadly passes away

Kabuki actor and Living National Treasure Sakata Tōjūrō sadly passed away on November 12 at a hospital in Tokyo. He was 88. May his soul rest in peace.

Equally adept at both male and female roles, throughout his career Tōjūrō championed the Kamigata style of acting and did much to revive and promote the works of the great playwright Chikamatsu Monzaemon.
Tōjūrō also toured extensively overseas and contributed to spreading the art of kabuki around the world.

His last performance was at the Minamiza Theatre last year (2019) as Keijuin, the shōgun's mother, in the 'Kinkakuji' scene from the play 'Gion Sairei Shinkōki'.