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May 27 ,2021

Kataoka Hidetarō sadly passes away

Kabuki actor and Living National Treasure Kataoka Hidetarō sadly passed away on May 23 at his home in Osaka. He was 79. May his soul rest in peace.

As the second son of Kataoka Nizaemon XIII, Hidetarō resided in the Kansai region and inherited the elegant and restrained performance style typical of the Kamigata tradition. He was an 'onnagata' female role specialist who for many years devoted himself to the promotion of Kamigata Kabuki.

Hidetarō also worked extensively to nurture and train the next generation of actors at the 'Shochiku Kamigata Kabuki Juku' (founded in 1997) and the Children's Kabuki School 'Terakoya' (founded in 2014).

His last performance was at the Minamiza Theatre (2020) in the role of Lady Fuji, in 'KUMAGAI JIN'YA'.