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March 04 ,2024

‘SHOCHIKU INFORMATION’ has opened for international customers!

‘SHOCHIKU INFORMATION’ is located on a very popular street for international customers on the 1st floor of the Tōgeki building (Shochiku Head office building), situated on the way from Ginza Station to The Tsukiji Outer Market, close to the Kabukiza Theatre!

Here you can get more information about kabuki and any other forms of entertainment produced by the Shochiku Group.

You can watch kabuki clips, and a special mask exhibition with English explanations! Also, there are posters and leaflets with information about kabuki performances during your trip.

The good news is that there are charging points here, where you can charge your mobile phone for free!

While your mobile phone is charging, you can enjoy some drinks from a vending machine with kabuki’s Nyanbassoder (Ambassador)  Kabukinyantaro. There is a photo spot with Kabukinyantaro!!

Take advantage of this useful place during your stay in Tokyo!

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Please find the ‘SHOCHIKU INFORMATION’ marked here by a star ★(Here).

SHOCHIKU INFOMATION‘           Adress: Togeki Bldg., 4-1-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan ▶Map

Togeki Building
Entrance from Harumi-dori Avenue.

著作 株式会社サンリオ