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March 12 ,2024

Notification of the release of an AR application content “KABUKIZA AR GUIDE”

From March 12th (Tue) to March 31st (Sun), an AR-based sightseeing guide content “KABUKIZA AR GUIDE” will be available to download for foreign customers in English. The application will guide visitors who came to sightsee around the Kabukiza Theatre with helpful information using the AR technology. Even if you do not have tickets for the kabuki show, you could enjoy and enter one part of the theatre* within 15 minutes!

*Entrance to the main auditorium is not possible. You can enjoy the B2 floor and the 5th floor rooftop of the Kabukiza Theatre.

<How to Enjoy it>

①Download the AR/MR app “mARble” (free of charge) and launch the app at the four locations near the theatre

1) In the front of the Kabukiza Theatre
2) The Kobikicho Square
3) The Kabukiza Gallery
(1st floor of the Togeki Building)

②Hold the camera over the landmark images to enjoy audio and text guidance, as well as an AR performances of Kabukinyantaro (Kabuki Ambassador) and themes showcasing the spring in Japan. (The AR performances will be added sequentially.)

③Kabukinyantaro and AR items can also be changed in size and position by tapping them with your finger, allowing you to enjoy taking photos of any size and place you like.

④Follow the guides and enjoy your stay near the Kabukiza Theatre!
You could by souvenirs, rest in a café and what’s more… learn more about kabuki!

<DOWNLOAD>(Available in English)

To experience the AR Guide, the AR/MR application “mARble” is required.
iOS Download here

Android Download here

*Recommended operating system:
(iOS version) iOS13 or later/ iPhone 8 or later
Android 13 or later/ARCore corresponding devices