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October 17 ,2018

2019 HONOLULU KABUKI will take place in HAWAII

Special performances called '2019 HONOLULU KABUKI' commemorating the name succession of Nakamura Shikan and his sons Nakamura Hashinosuke, Nakamura Fukunosuke, and Nakamura Utanosuke will take place in Hawaii next March.

The performances will be staged at the Kennedy Theatre at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and at the Hawaii Convention Center.

The first official group of Japanese emigrants moved to Hawaii in 1868 (the first year of the Meiji period), and these performances will take place as one of the events to mark the 'Commemorative Project for the 150th anniversary of Japanese Emigration to Hawaii'. Previous kabuki performances were staged in 1964 and 1967, so this occasion will be the first time in 52 years.

Nakamura Shikan and his sons took part in performances in Japan from October 2016 to July 2018 to commemorate their name succession. This will be yet another special occasion in Hawaii. They will perform 'Renjishi', one of most popular kabuki dances to which they have a special attachment since they performed it all together twice during the period that commemorated their name succession.

Nakamura Shikan, Hashinosuke, Fukunosuke and Utanosuke expressed their feelings about the forthcoming Hawaii performances at a press conference held on October 9th.
Shikan expressed his enthusiasm, saying, 'I am happy to take part in the performances which commemorate the name succession of our family in Hawaii, a place our family has very good memories of. Every performance abroad has its own special significance. This time, the dance 'Renjishi' will be staged, a work that transmits kabuki's unique character, and through which audiences will be able to feel deeply about Japan. In that respect, these performances will be especially significant. I want many local people to see our performances.'
Hashinosuke said, 'Performances abroad can lead to unexpected discoveries for me. I want to use the experience from these performances as nourishment for the future.' And Fukunosuke added, 'Reactions differ from country to country, and I want to do my best to please the local audiences.' Following his brothers, Utanosuke said, 'It is the first time for me to perform kabuki abroad. I am happy that we will dance 'Renjishi' to which we have a strong emotional attachment.'

In his video letter, the leader of the Executive committee of '2019 HONOLULU KABUKI', Tobaya San'emon, (head of the Nagauta ensemble who was performing in Nagoya) said, 'I want to give these performances as a memorial to the ancestors who emigrated to Hawaii in 1868 and who continued to pass on the Japanese spirit despite facing many troubles.'

In addition to 'Renjishi', a lecture entitled 'Watching kabuki through sound - playing "kuromisu" music' by Tobaya San'emon will be given. A cultural exchange event for local children is also expected to be held. Furthermore, Nakamura Shikan and his sons will participate in the parade which will be the finale of the 25th anniversary of the Honolulu Festival that is held by the Honolulu Festival foundation, established to promote cultural understanding between Japan and Hawaii.

Please be sure not to miss this special occasion!


 Commemorative Project for the 150th anniversary of Japanese emigration to Hawaii

 Commemorates the name succession of
 Nakamura Shikan VIII
 Nakamura Hashinosuke IV
 Nakamura Fukunosuke III
 Nakamura Utanosuke IV

Program and Cast:

Nakamura Shikan VIII
Nakamura Hashinosuke IV
Nakamura Fukunosuke III
Nakamura Utanosuke IV (Only March 8th)

Tobaya Richō

Tobaya San'emon

Date & Time and Venue:

March 2nd (Sat) - 6th (Wed), 2019
The Kennedy Theatre at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

March 8th (Fri), 2019
Hawaii Convention Center 1F KAMEHAMEHA Exhibit Hall
※There will be a commendation event of Honolulu Festival 'Ohana Award' which will be held for 30minutes from 18:45 before the kabuki performance on March 8th.

※All times given are local times.


March 2nd (Sat) - 6th (Wed), 2019
S-class seat : $100
A-class seat : $80

March 8th (Fri), 2019
All seat : $90

※On sale from Nov 2nd (Fri), 2018

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