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Kabukiza Theatre
June 02 ,2023

Single Act Tickets : Kabukiza (Tokyo) June 2023

Single Act Seats are located on the 4th level and you can watch just one act at a reasonable price.

Tickets price for each act differ according to the performance. The information for this month’s performances is given below.

June Program at the Kabukiza Theatre (Tokyo)

Single Act Tickets
Jun 03 (Sat) – Jun 25 (Sun), 2023

As the performance rehearsals take place up until the opening day, time schedules will be announced on June 2nd evening. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please be sure to visit this page again on the day of your visit for the precise time schedules.

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Matinee (11:00 AM)

ActTime SchedulePrice
Tosa no Shōgen Kankyo
11:00 AM -12:30 PM1,500 JPY
Ukiyo Matahei Sumika
1:05 PM – 1:38 PM900 JPY
JIRAIYA1:53 PM – 2:33 PM900 JPY
ŌGI JISHI2:53 PM – 3:09 PM700 JPY

Evening Show (4:00 PM)

ActTime SchedulePrice
Konomi, Kokingo Uchijini
4:00 PM – 4:55 PM1,000 JPY
5:15 PM – 6:50 PM1,500 JPY
Kawatsura Hōgen Yakata
7:20 PM – 8:35 PM1,500 JPY

Reserved Seats

・Tickets for Reserved Seats will be sold online only.
・Tickets for every part (Matinee, Evening Show, Part 1 to Part 3) and every act will be sold simultaneously.
・Payment by CREDIT CARD only.
A system usage fee (110 YEN per ticket) will be included.
・One person can purchase up to 4 tickets.

Non-reserved Seats

・Tickets will be sold on the day at the Single Act Box Office.
・Tickets for every part (Matinee, Evening Show, Part 1 to Part 3) and every act will be sold simultaneously and will be available for purchase from 10 AM.
・Payment in CASH only. No credit cards accepted.
・One person can only purchase 1 ticket.
・Every purchaser must wait in line until the Single Act Box Office opens. 

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