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Recommended environment/ Payment method (from Japan)

■Available countries


*After purchase, you can watch the video on your PC only in the following 9 countries and regions.

Australia / Canada / France / Germany / Italy / Spain / Taiwan / U.K. / U.S.

■Supported devices


After completing your rental/purchase, please view the details of the work or the library.

【Smartphones and tablets】

The MIRAIL app is required for viewing.
After installing the app and logging in, please view the details or the library.

*Purchases can be made through on your PC or on the web version of the site of smartphone. Purchases cannot be made through the MIRAIL app.


◎Android TV, Fire TV

The MIRAIL app is required to watch. After installing the app, please log in and watch from the library.


After renting or purchasing, tap the cast icon on the smartphone app to cast and watch the movie.

*Purchases can be made through on your PC or on the web version of the site of smartphone. Purchases cannot be made through the MIRAIL app.

■Recommended environment

【PC】Recommended OS/Browser 

Windows 10 / Latest version of Google Chrome, MicrosoftEdge

MacOS X ver 10.11 or later / Latest version of Google Chrome, Safari12

【Smartphones and tablets】Recommended OS/Browser 

iOS14 or later/Safari (standard browser)

Android6 or later / Chrome (standard browser)

【TV】Recommended OS/Recommended devices 

AndroidTV OS8 or higher

FireTV Stick 3rd generation or higher

FireTV Stick 4K

FireTV Cube 2nd generation or higher




Standard definition: Stable connection speed of approx. 20 Mbps or higher

Low quality: Stable connection speed of approx. 6 Mbps or higher


Stable connection speed of approx. 5 Mbps or higher


Stable connection speed of approx. 20 Mbps or higher

*Even with the above line speeds, line speeds may vary depending on viewing conditions and time of day, depending on the line you are using.

■Payment Credit card/ Condo-pay by GMO/ PayPay

【Credit card】
Credit card payment is available. You can register or make changes from My Page.
We accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, and DINERS credit cards.

*Credit card companies may have restrictions on the use of credit cards. In such cases, please contact the issuing credit card company to confirm.

【Condo-pay by GMO】
This payment method allows you to make a payment at a convenience store in a lump sum in the following month by simply registering your cell phone number and e-mail address.

Purchases are reflected immediately, and you will receive an email with your payment details.

◎How to use this service

Please refer to the following page for details.

Condo-pay by GMO (

*To use this payment method, you will need a “cell phone number” and an “e-mail address” that can be used for SMS.

*Please check your settings for receiving SMS and e-mail in advance to ensure smooth transactions.

*This payment method is only available on the MIRAIL website. It cannot be used with the application.

◎Payment Method

The amount used for one month will be invoiced together around the first of the following month. Please pay at a convenience store by the end of the month.

Please check the following page for convenience stores that accept payment.

◎Usage fee

Less than 50,000 yen per month: 300 yen (excluding tax)

More than 50,000 yen spent in a month: 600 yen (excluding tax)

*The usage fee will be charged separately from the product amount. Please note that if you use a different phone number for each purchase, you will be charged for each purchase.

*The maximum amount that can be used in a month is 30,000 yen. Please note that the maximum amount may not be used depending on the customer’s usage conditions.

Payments can be made using PayPay.

PayPay payments can only be used from the Mireille web browser. PayPay cannot be used for payments made through the MIRAIL app.

◎How to use

Please refer to the following page for details.

How to register and use PayPay

◎Q.I made a PayPay payment, but the purchase is not completed on MIRAIL.

After completing the payment with PayPay, please wait until you are automatically redirected to MIRAIL or until the “Return to MIRAIL” button appears on the PayPay application, and then press the [Return to MIRAIL] button to return.

If you return to MIRAIL by any operation other than the [Return to MIRAIL] button, it may take up to 10 minutes to complete your purchase at MIRAIL.

Please check your purchase history to see if your purchase was successfully completed.

*If a payment is canceled, the bonus grant for PayPay campaigns, etc. at the time of that payment will also be canceled.

◎Q.I placed an order via PayPay, but the payment deadline has passed.

If the payment deadline has passed, your order will be automatically cancelled.

The payment deadline is 5 minutes after you have completed the purchase procedure.

 *We cannot accept repayments or cancellations after the payment has been completed.