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October program highlight video clips

KYŌ NINGYŌ ('Hidari Jingorō and His Courtesan Doll')
Kabukiza Theatre (October 2020)
('The Sumō Match' from 'Two Butterflies in the Pleasure Quarters')

Kabukiza Theatre (October 2020)
KAJIWARA HEIZŌ HOMARE NO ISHIKIRI ('The Stone-cutting Feat of Kajiwara')
Kabukiza Theatre (October 2020)
KŌJŌ and YŌKIHI ('Stage Announcement' and 'Yang Guifei')
Kabukiza Theatre (October 2020)

Highlight video clips [Archive]

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Cinema Kabuki

NEW Cinema Kabuki 【November】
SANNIN KICHISA ('Three Thieves Named Kichisa')
Showing in movie theatres from November 20th - 26th, 2020. (*No English subtitles)
▶Information (Japanese Only)
Cinema Kabuki 【September】
Kaidan Botan Dōrō ('The Ghost Tale of the Peony Lantern')
Cinema Kabuki 【August】

Introduction to kabuki

360 degrees Kabukiza
360 degree view at the Kabukiza Theatre
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An introductory video for kabuki
You can watch how the actor prepares for the stage and what to look for in the play.