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Experience the best performances of kabuki on "KABUKI ON DEMAND", Shochiku's official video streaming service provided on MIRAIL! Click here for more information.

Cinema Kabuki

Cinema Kabuki【June】’SAKURAHIME AZUMA BUNSHŌ - Jō no Maki'
Showing in movie theatres from June 14 (Fri) to July 4 (Thu), 2024. (*No English subtitles)
▶Information (Japanese Only)
Cinema Kabuki【May】‘SANNIN KICHISA’
Showing in movie theatres from May 24th (Fri) - 30th (Thu), 2024. (*No English subtitles)
▶Information (Japanese Only)

Cinema Kabuki【April】‘TOUKEN RANBU- Tsuki no Tsurugi Enishi no Kiri no Ha’
Showing in movie theatres from April 5th (Fri)- 11th (Thu), 2024. (*No English subtitles)
▶Information (Japanese Only)

Introduction to kabuki

The Attraction -An Infinite Variety-
The video introduces the diversity of kabuki with stage footage.
*With English commentary

360 degrees Kabukiza
360 degree view at the Kabukiza Theatre
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'Kabuki for Beginners'
You can watch highlights from an educational video program.
*English Subtitled

【VR version】'Kabuki for Beginners'
You can also enjoy the view in the theatre in VR version.
*EN and JP Subtitled

Bandō Tamasaburō's comments on KABUKI ON DEMAND
Bandō Tamasaburō gave us a comment on the play to be streamed online!
*English Subtitled