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*Please note that answers might vary depending on theatres and performances. Some services have been changed temporarily to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Performance schedules

Program schedules will be updated 1-2 months before the performance. Please check the Schedule page for the latest information.

QWhen are the time schedules updated?

Basically, performance time schedules are updated by the first day of the performances. However, this is subject to change depending on the performance, and delays are possible.

QHow long is each performance (or act)?

The duration of the performances depends on the acts and the content. However, usually they run for approximately 4 hours each for the Matinee and the Evening Show.
If you prefer to watch from a Single Act Seat, kabuki dances and short dramas last about 30 minutes to1hour, while long dramas last about 1 to 2 hours.
For more information, please check the schedules on each performance.

QAre there age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions for customers watching the performances. However, pre-school children who are 4 years of age and over must have a ticket.
(These age restrictions may vary depending on the production so please check the information before purchasing tickets.)
Tickets are not required for infants aged 3 and under if they can sit on the adult's lap. If a seat is needed, a ticket is required.

Single Act Seats

QWhat is a "Single Act Ticket"?

You can choose to watch particular acts at an affordable price within a short time. It is an ideal way to enjoy kabuki for both novices and experts, as well as tourists who want to save some of their time for sightseeing.
*Single Act Seats are only available at the Kabukiza Theatre (4th level) and occasionally at other theatres.
Please check below for more details:

QWhat time does each act start?

Performance schedules will be announced here

As the performance rehearsals take place up until the opening day, time schedules will be announced on the day before the public performance begins. Performance starting times may change slightly after your ticket purchase, so please be sure to visit the above page again on the day of your visit for the precise time schedules. We ask customers to arrive with plenty of time to spare. 

QHow much does each act cost?

Each act's price will be announced here along with the performance time schedules by the first day of the performance.
Please note that the price for the Single Acts Seat changes every month as the program differs monthly.


QWhere can I book tickets for kabuki performances online?

Multilingual Online Ticket: https://www.e-tix.jp/shochiku/
Ticket Web Shochiku (Japanese): http://www.ticket-web-shochiku.com/t/

QAre there any seats available other than the displayed seating areas?

Tickets for dates shown as "Sold Out" or for other preferred seating areas, may still be available from the promoter, Shochiku Co., Ltd. Please confirm the availability by phone or stop by the Box Office.
How to buy tickets

★For questions regarding online tickets from "e-tix", please see here.

QCan I buy tickets on the day for the full show?

If seats are left, you can purchase tickets at the door of the theatre's Box Office.
*The Box Office of the Kabukiza Theatre is located in the 2nd basement.


QAre there any English supporting guides available?

English supporting guides are available at the Kabukiza Theatre.

[Until June, 2024] Simplified English Audio Guide
(Brief description and synopsis)

■Full Program:¥1,000 (Cash only)
■Single Act:¥800 (Cash only)

[From July, 2024] English Captioning Service
(Essential translations of dialogue and lyrics, as well as explanations relating to kabuki)

■Full Program:¥1,500 (Cash only)
■Single Act:¥1,000 (Cash only)

We also have free English flyers and English synopses at the back of the Japanese sold programs.

QIs there any dress code for watching kabuki?

There is no dress code, so please come in your normal clothing. However, we ask customers to take off their hats during performances and any other headgear which might obstruct the view of other customers.

QCan I leave my baggage in the cloakroom?

We do not have a cloakroom at our theatres, but in each theatre we do have coin-operated lockers for you to leave your possessions. Please make sure to take all valuable belongings with you during the performance.

QCan we eat inside the theatre?

There is an intermission between each act or performance, and you can eat 'obentō' (Japanese Style lunch boxes) and sweets sold at the theatre or other foods and drinks which you bought before entering the theatre.
*We ask customers to refrain from talking as much as possible when eating in their seats and in the lobby.
*No eating during performances.

QDo you sell souvenirs at the Kabukiza Theatre ?

You can buy small gifts and lunch boxes on the 1st and 3rd levels of the Kabukiza Theatre, and at the Kobikichō Square located in the 2nd basement beneath the Kabukiza Theatre.
*To customers with Single Act Tickets: There are no souvenirs on the 4th level. Beverage vending machines are only available.
*Customers without tickets, can also buy souvenirs at the Kobikichō Square.