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Performances throughout the year!

Kabuki is performed every month at the Kabukiza Theatre (Tokyo).
A kabuki program usually lasts for 25 days each month, and since there are performances every month, it leaves only a few days to get ready for the next month's show. Therefore, the actors must begin to prepare for the following month while playing other roles this month!
The actors' daily training and study make this tight schedule possible. Kabuki is a repertory theater so many of the plays and dances are quite regularly performed. For this reason, the actors are expected to know most of the works. From early youth, they watch, study and experience many different roles to learn a vast number of plays and dances.
However, in addition to those that are regularly performed, there are also brand new works or revivals of older pieces, and in those cases they require more preparation.

Posters of performances from 2019 (Kabukiza Theatre)


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